ROFLcast Rewind 2015- Best and Worst Movies

Well. Well. Well. The OG Dream team is back! We kick it off by doing a quick catch up and then dive into why this year sucked and what didnt suck as much. When it comes to movies. We are feeling out our flexors, plot out how we will do the star wars breakdown and the reasons why 2015 let us down kinda. We go through Mad Max, Hunger Games, Martian, Jurrasic World, Ant-Man, Creed, Straight Outta Compton, Terminator Genisys, Fast and the Furious and more. Man even writing this list of the top movies of 2015 makes me sad. Oh and I do slur my words because I drank a 26 of Vodka. What can I say. You make me nervous. [iTunes] Subscribe to ROFLcast in iTunes [RSS] Subscribe to ROFLcast in whatever weird format you use. [Stitcher] Stream on Sticher Radio Download Episode

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