Heh that was funny. Wow!! I’m still super shocked. I can’t believe that music mogul Matthew Knowles to come on the podcast. Ok, he didn’t. I just made up the interview with clips from a radio interview he did with a radio station. But I am pretty sure you figured it out already. I hope you like it! It’s a little rough because I freestyled most of it, but NEXT TIME I SHALL BECOME MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY OTHER HEAVLY BODY ALIVE!!!

Listen Now! 

  I feel pretty bad about not giving any music news, but nothing is really that exciting this week. That new Katy Perry song is catchy as hell. And even Jesse McCartney sounds more RnB than most RnB singers. Its so disturbing. I am actually listening to the podcast now and man I am a terrible acting, I should stick to fighting off communists and being a gigolo for super models. Man David Archuleta shoulda won American Idol… what?

Track List:

  1. Katy Perry- Hot n’ Cold
  2. Ne-Yo- Miss Independant
  3. Jesse McCartney- It’s Over
  4. Brandy- Right Here (departed)
  5. David Archuleta- Crush

ROFLcast Episode 33- Chelsea Takes Over

DSC00139  Hey  yall! Got something new for ya this week, a friend of mine Chelsea snuck into my Fortress of Awesome in the dead of the night, gassed my Dungeon of Pleasure and took over ROFLcast! She took 5 of her favorite Indie hits and deleted the rest of my music, FORCING me at musket-point to make a podcast with “good” music. How dare she! The result?

  I learned about some really great new bands that don’t get a lot of mainstream attention. We have everything from some neat Alternative rock tracks to complete instrumentals. Unfortunately, since I am such a busy bee I had to burn through this cast at BREAKNECK speeds, doing everything in one take, but I think it turned out pretty good! We will definitely be doing this again. And if you want to have your playlist featured, Go fuck yourself. Chelsea gets to do it cause she’s cooler than you.

Listen: Download

Track List:

  1. Death Cab For Cutie- "Cath"
  2. Fleet Foxes – "White Winter Hymnal"
  3. Sigur Ros – "Gobbledigook"
  4. My Morning Jacket – "Evil Urges"
  5. Holy Fuck – “Lovely Allen”

Show Notes:

  • 50 cent is a bitch
  • Dr. Dre says that Detox is in the Works
  • Dark Knight Kills Everyone Ever
  • New Nas, Pink and T-Pain/Lil Wayne albums in the works
  • Jessica Simpson isn’t as lame

ROFLcast Ep: 32 – MJ Returns!!


Vilcommin ROFLcasters!!! I need hugs, I’m tired. Got a backdated (ish) episode for yall, with some really cool RnB tracks from pedophiles, Mexicans and the One. You’ll figure it out when you listen to it. I tried something new with my voice, I think it turned out oktizzle, but I compressed the file a little too much so it may sound tinny. SO IT WAS AN EPIC FAIL ON MY PART!!!! Oh and the last track is a remix from the Thriller 25th Anniversary Album, GO GET THAT ALBUM its awesome. I think in my rush to get it out today I made another fuck up, The background track was a karaoke track, not an instrumental so you will hear “you want a piece of me” periodically. DOUBLE EPIC FAIL!!!!

DOWNLOAD or Listen to it on my Profile Page

Track List:

  1. Ne-Yo: A-Milli (freestyle remix)
  2. Lil Eddie– City Of My Heart
  3. Akon feat. Michael Jackson– Hold My Hand
  4. Lloyd feat. The Dream– I Need Love
  5. Michael Jackson feat. Akon- Wanna Be Startin Something

Show Notes:

Until Next Time I Remain…. CAPTAIN FAIL!!!

ROFLcast ep:31- Slo Jamz


You know what? I don’t feel like writing shit. I had a screwed up night last night. I saw The Love Guru with my Ex, went to a gay bar, met up with a bunch of cute girls that just graduated from Massage school, and I got no happy ending. Then 2 of my ex’s came to see me at work today at the same time and then watched a presentation together. IM A LITTLE DISTRAUGHT. Dom your my boy.

Listen: Streaming  or   Download (right click, save as)

Show Notes:

  • Nicole sings too well to be PCD, she sounds like Patti LaBelle almost
  • Do they say “when i grow up, I wanna be a star, drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies?” ….i think they do!
  • The songs were London Bridge and fergilicious, then she came hard back with Glamerous and Big Girls Don’t Cry
  • I LOVE that Bust It Baby pt. 2 song.
  • That clinking sound you hear sometimes is Orchid Tea. FUCKING DELICIOUS!

Track List

  1. Plies ft. Ne-yo: Bust It Baby pt. 2
  2. Pussycat Dolls- When I Grow Up
  3. Keri Hilson- Energy
  4. I’ll Be Loving You Long Time- Mariah Carey ft. TI
  5. Kanye West ft. Chris Martin- Homecoming